May 2, 2019 – Elise Krumholz

Elise Krumholz is the Coordinator for Student Conflict Resolution Services at MSU Denver. She talked about the origins and uses of restorative justice in addressing conflict and harm. She facilitated a discussion of the philosophy of restorative justice; how it is applied to our justice system, schools, and communities; and the impacts of restorative practices to those involved in conflict and the community.

Elise joined the Dean of Students Office at MSU Denver in October 2018, where she will be implementing restorative programming to address conflict on campus. She was introduced to restorative justice in 2010 while working in a treatment facility for youth in foster care and youth corrections. She went on to facilitate restorative practices at George Washington High School, which was one of the first Denver Public Schools to use restorative justice to reduce suspensions and expulsions. Elise then worked at Urban Peak, a local nonprofit that assists young people experiencing homelessness. While there, she continued her restorative work in conflict situations and was a liaison to Denver’s Homeless Court. Since 2014, Elise has worked within different areas of the justice system, including for the Division of Parole implementing a federal research grant and coordinating a Teen Court diversion program rooted in restorative practices for youth that obtained a criminal charge. Elise lives in Denver with her husband and two dogs.

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